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FOX News
Mar 2, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> tucker: we will see you tomorrow. >> brenda: sequestration is, but if you think that means the tax hike threat is over, think again. that's the point. >> brenda: sure, but it speaks volumes. revenues mean taxes and we're already seeing how that payroll tax hike is kicking your assets. consumers cutting back on major purchases and hikes cut into paychecks. are more hikes the last thing the economy needs right now. hi, everyone, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears. let's get right to it. the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, tobin smith, jonas max ferris and welcome to everybody. scott, they're still pushing more taxes, but did we just get evidence that's the wrong way to go? >> i think we did, brenda. look, taxes are tough at anyti time like this, where gdp growth just got revised to oh, my goodness, 0.1% on the flat side for q-4. unemployment still ridiculously high. there's no way through it. we just hit the rich and the spenders and the job creators in this country, and it's showing. consumer confidence is falling. purchases of big ticket items are falling, brenda. >> i
Mar 2, 2013 6:20pm EST
republicans in congress chose this outcome over closing a single wasteful tax loophole that helps to reduce the deficit. they decided that tax break for the wealth off and well-connected is more important than protecting our middle-class families and military families from these cuts. i think we can combine smart spending cuts and changes to the tax code that makes it more fair without raising anyone's taxes. that's how we can reduce our deficit without laying off workers. i don't think that is too much to ask. it is the kind of approach i proposed for two years now. a majority of the american people agree with me, including a majority of republicans. we just need republicans in congress to catch up with their own party and the rest of the country. i know there are republicans in congress who would rather see if tax loopholes closed than let these cuts go through. there are democrats who would rather do smart entitlement reform than let the cuts go through. there's a caucus of common sense throughout. i'm going keep reaching out of them to fix this for good. american people are weary of par
Mar 4, 2013 4:15am EST
. the benefit of refinancing is simple. as the professor discussed in the case of taxes, the most effective tax cuts are those that are long lived and have permanent changes to people's income. if you are under your mortgage, you cannot go refinance at the bank. you are paying an interest rate well above what the market rates are. this has been noted by chairman ben bernanke. if people could simply refinance at the market rate, as they are now, it would be literally, for the average homeowner, thousands of dollars a lower payment per year that would go straight into their pockets. it would be the equivalent of a 30-year tax cut for them of thousand dollars a year. that is substantial. it is not just pure stimulus. the incidents in the short run of spending the money for people who are massively liquidity restraint and hurting, trying to figure out how to pay their bills each month, that tends to be higher than for the banks currently sitting on reserves and for the mortgage owners. that could have a positive impact. >> you said a lot that was very interesting. you talk about the sequestration p
FOX Business
Mar 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
. pay no attention. we have the shopping list where your tax dollars are actually going right now, just as things like this are happening. take a listen. >> resulting from sequestration, we regret to inform you that white house tours will be canceled effective saturday, march 9th, 2013 until further notice. unfortunately we will not be able to reschedule affected tours. melissa: okay. so all the tourists who waited for a day to take a stroll through our nation's presidential palace being turned away. we have rest of the details might be hearing elsewhere. some might say the president's priorities are a little bit off. joining with more is democratic congressman john garamendi. thanks for joining us. we played you the tape. they're not letting people tour the white house. the navy ordered two more warships at the cost of 700 million. the we committed 65 billion to the imf in new budget resolution. the list goes on. 50 million on new uniforms for the tsa. that killed me. why are we doing new uniforms right now? go ahead. >> beats me we know sequestration is really real even though we pass
FOX Business
Mar 3, 2013 2:00am EST
. is it the worst use of tax dollars at a critical time. i am dave asbin. we'll have steve rich and elizabeth and john and joining us for the first time sabrina. steve, the white house is denying that it is it a spending tour, what do you say? >> if they deny it is a spending tour that is what it is. they are addicted to spending. they take the resources out of the economy . money does not come from manna from hven or marrings. but from we the people and printing money with a taxation. >> rick, is this a spending tour or something we need? >> it is a wonderful pr campaign. what i like about it is the people who voted for they appropriations are labeling it a wild spending tour. government agencies are going in to the cities to help them more efficiently use the money so they are not wasting it why is this a bad idea? >> because of the fact, rick, it encourages local official to take more federal money? >> yeah, you are right about that. but what this really is, the campaign for the 24 elections. that's why he's going to 100 congressional districtings. >> heria not going. >> obama wants to lea
FOX News
Mar 9, 2013 7:30am PST
tax refund may have to wait, but the government is not waiting one nano second for the president's health care law. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, whether it's the cliff or the sequester cuts to blame, more taxpayers are told they'll have to wait for their money, but a new report shows the irs is going full steam ahead, collecting the new health care. and another double standard. and ben stein, dagen mcdowell, charlie gasperino and adam lashinsky. dagen, sequester hypocrisy? >> of course it is, scare the bejesus out of people and make people think at least they're not going to get their tax refund, but again, the money needs to keep rolling in to pay for the president's health care law and we have no idea yet how much this is going to hit the american people because this year, don't forget, on higher income americans, you have medicare payroll tax hikes, investment income tax hike, a hike in the threshold where you can deduct your medical expenses, you have the medical devices tax, that's just this year. >> that's this year and gary k, with all of that stuff they're not go
Mar 3, 2013 11:00am PST
that the gop will cave on more taxes? >> there's no one in this town who's tried harder to come to an agreement with the president to deal with our long-term spending. no one. >> this morning, my exclusive interview with speaker of the house john boehner. and the white house view from top economic adviser to the president, gene spurling, who found himself in the middle of a feud with bob woodward. >>> and later, insights and analysis from the roundtable. the politics of the budget showdown and some other debates this week. the future of the voting rights act and whether working from home is still ok. >>> from nbc news in washington, the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press." >>> good sunday morning. so sequester is in effect. but the impact have yet to be felt. one thing is clear, frustration with washington has never been higher and both sides are still dug in on how to solve our debt crisis. more taxes versus more spending cuts. we have both sides of the debate this morning starting with john boehner. at the 11th hour of the sequester friday afternoon, he made a
FOX Business
Mar 1, 2013 8:00pm EST
problems, the solution is growth and it is not -- it's not tax hikes. it's nothing other than growth and i haven't heard this president mention it once. i was told a few days ago that our grid on the east coast is so old that it's the age protect itself from cyberattacks come everything is written in a different software code. we live in times right now in america. it is supposed to be the greatest country in the face of the earth where we have an antiquated grid. we are all over the place. what is the solution? cut back military expenditures. the only thing the government is good for right now is protecting us and they are not doing a good job. >> is this week that we had a republican center. they are saying we are open to cutting defense. they said that we will do just that. it is a start, it's a big start. i always argue that if everyone comes in to cut things, away we go. but what is happening is that it's not fair and balanced that way. a greater propensity to protect interest than ever looking at taxpayers before. >> there is no sacred cow. we have medicare that will be insolvent in
FOX News
Mar 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
and they don't think they'll get their tax refund but the money needs to keep rolling in to pay for the president's healthcare law. we have no idea yet how much this is going to hit the american people because this year, don't forget on higher income americans you have medicare payroll tax hike, investment income hike and medical devices tax, that is just this year. >> and here is the interesting thing. with all that stuff. they are not going to wait nanosecond to collect their money but what the heck, where is my tax refund? >> i think you have a situation where they are trying to cause as much pain as possible to show you, hey, i told you so. sequester was bad. look we went this week where they actually shut down the tours of the white house that only cost $17,000 a week. they are trying to make a point and trying to prove a point and go down the republican throats and make them look bad. we end up losing in the end. >> ben, what do you think? >> i think universal healthcare is moral requirement. mr. mix on ordered we tried to get it three and senator kennedy killed it. the pe
Mar 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
at home with their secret tax returns since the presidential election. this weekend they decided to take their nightly dinner table conversation why mitt lost to fox news. which means i owe the romneys a small debt of gratitude to the romneys for this first segment, serving it up on a silver platter. >> good morning, y'all. >> he is the worst republican in the country. >> mitt romney sat down for his first interview. >> my heart said we were going to win. >> the great princess biline, mostly did. >> i'm mostly over it. >> i went through a number of my mistakes. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> any -- >> i'm speaking, i'm speaking. >> had to be careful. >> he still can't quite explain that 47% comment. >> the enduring legacy of his campaign. >> what i said is not what i believe. >> not familiar with what i said, but i stand by what i said, whatever it was. >> mitt romney. >> i'm mitt romney. >> was viewed by suspicion by conservatives in the last election. >> can we drop a little bit of the pius bologna? the fact is, you ran in '894 and l
Mar 3, 2013 8:00am PST
, that you've made a choice as have republicans to leave tax loopholes in place, and you'd rather have those and live with all these -- >> david, that's just nonsense. if he had a plan, why wouldn't senate democrats go ahead and pass it? the house has acted twice over the last 10 months to replace the sequester. if we're going to -- the president got his tax hikes on january 1. if we're going to get rid of loopholes, let's lower rates and make the tax code fair for all americans. >> let's talk about that for a second because this can get complicated but it's an important point. if most republican economists believe that tax loopholes is actually tax spending, it's actually spending in the tax code. >> that's correct. >> so if you like defense spending, and that's going to be cut arbitrarily, you would agree that this is stealth responding in the tax code, why not give on this? why not allow some revenues to come from tax reform, you protect defense spending and unlock the key to getting the entitlement cuts the president says he would give you if you would just give revenues on tax reform? >
Mar 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
. >> republicans say we're not going to agree to any new taxes. >> we cannot do any revenue. that is a choice they're making. >> this discussion about revenue is over. >> we've gone through this before. >> this discussion about revenue is over. our stand on the debt limit is clear, there can be no tax hikes, tax hikes destroy jobs. >> how did the grand bargain fail? >> i wasn't going to be for higher taxes. >> if this super committee recommends increasing revenues. >> we don't need higher taxes. >> can you support that? >> that would be a stretch. >> it is another washington failure. >> raising tax rates would hurt the economy. >> we have you gone through this before. >> this discussion about revenue is over. >> no revenues, no revenues, no revenues. >> our position is very clear, we have outlined it. >> no taxes coming out of the house. >> why are we here? >> the republicans refuse to compromise. >> politically they can't make a deal that includes some tax increases and keep their jobs. >> i was not going to be for higher taxes. >> another washington failure. >> there can be no tax hikes. >> rais
Mar 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
's good holding firm on the no tax increase. that's wonderful. then having spending cuts in addition to that, it doesn't get much better, larry. >> dean baker, do you buy the enthusiasm about the sequester? >> i think you guys are looking at different economies than what i have seen. the economy i see has been growing at less than a 2% annual rate. congress fall budget office projects 1.5% this year. we are down around 9 million jobs. the unemployment rates likely go up this year. i don't know. you think that's good news? i guess we'll have longer lines at the airports and delayed flights because of fewer air traffic controllers. i don't know. doesn't get much better than that in your world, i guess. >> the washington post fact checkers give four pinochios. i didn't hear a single backup in airplanes. in new york if you can get out after waiting 90 minutes that's a win, not a loss. >> larry, nothing happens until april. don't look for anything. >> it's a lot better than it's been for four or five words. it's bush before. the last two years were catastrophes. we are starting to come ou
Mar 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
to be a wild and crazy bull on the economy. there are obstacles. there are regulatory obstacles, tax obstacles, obama care obstacles, i get all of that. i think the stock market signal, including maybe cutting spending, is telling us we're at some kind of turning point here. that's what i'm going for. >> i think you have a very good point about cutting spending, investors responding positively to that decision out of washington. you know, relative to the bright spot in the economy, there's absolutely no doubt about it. you can balance them with less encouraging signs out of the economy. we can debate the bullish and bearish economic data relative to the stock market and this ben bernanke bull market. i think the question to be asked now, everybody is expecting a correction. from a medium to long-term bearish perspective that i have, the question to be asked is what is the catalyst for the next leg. maybe you're right. maybe it is the improved capital spending. >> andy cross, what is it? >> continuing to do what we have. we haven't seen the housing market take off to an extent for single family
Mar 6, 2013 7:00am EST
shall of further such meetings today. >> [inaudible] >> i quote the bedroom tax has hurt thousands of disabled persons. with the prime minister drop his policy? >> first of all let us be clear, this is not a tax. only -- [shouting] let me explain to the labour party. a tax is when you earn some money, the government take some of the money away from you. that is a tax. only labor could call a benefit reform a tax increase. [shouting] let me be clear to him. pensioners are exempt. people with simply disabled children are eccentric people who need round-the-clock care are exempt. those kind of groups of people are all exempt. there's a basic issue of fairness. how can it be fair the people and housing benefit in private rented accommodations do not get a fair rim subsidy where as people in social housing to? that isn't there and we are putting that right. >> over the last one years there's been 137% increase in the number of deaths. does the prime minister up with me we're going to stop this awful condition inflicting more people in the future, that we need to best -- much more preven
FOX Business
Mar 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
we've done with a $600 billion tax hike that we have just paid. you look at those kinds of numbers, you'd have to multiply that times eight, in other words a 4.6 or 8 trillion dollar tax increase on mostly middle class americans just to stop adding to our debt. this is really where we are. these clowns in washington, d.c. make the greek politicians look, you know, really fiscally sound these days. charles charles all right. linwood, what do you think about that? >> well, i mean, she's right on. $85 billion over seven months, which is what the sequester will cut from march 1 til the end of september, and we ran way over that in one month. and the reason we have to get our debt under control is because that's how we're going to really turn the economy around. our debt is now over 100% of the size of our entire economy, and it's really constraining growth. of it's one reason why we're seeing such a stagnant recovery. charles: you know, ford, i guess at this point can we all admit we do have something of a spending problem? >> well, i think we do, and what it shows is how ridiculous th
FOX Business
Mar 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
are shelling out more in taxes than they have in 30 years. does this finally count as their fair share? they have big congress to tax them more. one of those numbers is with me now to explain why. and betting big on bad loans. investors are piling into securities. does that sound familiar? subprime loan, anyone? he will tell you why this is the real problem behind student debt that nobody else is talking about. and google airports to delays. top airport officials say the worst is already happening from sequester. really? will break out the "money" truth meter and check out the claims. even when i say it is not, it is always about "money." melissa: first, today's market moment. even as those dreaded cuts move, stocks are unafraid taking another step toward the all-time high. shrugging off economic data from china reversing early losses. the major indices closing with modest gains. but the question on many investors minds, will tomorrow be the big day? the dow 38 points away from hitting its all-time high. let's talk taxes. how much do you think is enough for anyone? rich or poor? after
Mar 4, 2013 3:00am PST
would just give revenues on tax reform? >> i have worked with the president for two years to try to come to an agreement. unfortunately, we've not been able to do so. but the house -- >> you were for tax reform a couple of months ago. >> i want tax reform. republicans want tax reform. we want to bring rates down for all americans so that we have a fairer tax code. but to arbitrarily pull out a couple of tax expenditures and to say, well, we ought to use that to get rid of the sequester, well, every american knows washington has a spending problem. every american in these tough economic times has to find a way to balance their budget. they have got to make choices. they expect washington to live within its means and make choices as well. we know we have a structural deficit. the president has run up $5 trillion worth of debt in the last five years. we have another $1 trillion budget deficit this year. it's time for the president and senate democrats to get serious about the long-term spending problem that we have. >> again, and the president has laid this out. he is serious about
Mar 7, 2013 12:00am PST
, improving their infrastructure, reducing corruption, lowering bureaucracy, lowering their taxes. and the u.s. for a variety of reasons we have not been progressing as rapidly. we've retained a lot of our core strengths. things like our university system, things like our entrepreneurial culture. but we've now piled on to those strengths a whole set of cost of doing business that really have kind of thrown the balance in the favor of moving activities outside the u.s. and also the inability to support those rising wages. so things like a legal system, things like the regulatory costs. they don't seem like a big deal individually but when you add them all up you now start to see that more and more of the kind of middle-class work that used to be done here, that doesn't require a harvard m.b.a. or a ph.d. in electrical engineering, a lot of that middle-class work that used to be done here we started losing more. >> rose: providing a manufacturing base as well as the core of our society? >> core of our society. our society was unique -- >> rose: a great middle-class. >> this great middle-class
Mar 2, 2013 4:15pm EST
republicans in congress chose this outcome overclosing a single wasteful tax loophole that helps to reduce the deficit. they decided that tax break for the wealth off and well-connected is more important than protecting our middle-class families and military families from these cuts. i think we can combine smart spending cuts and changes to the tax code that makes it more fair without raising anyone's taxes. that's how we can reduce our deficit without laying off workers. i don't think that is too much to ask. it is the kind of approach i proposed for two years now. a majority of the american people agree with me, including a majority of republicans. we just need republicans in congress to catch up with the their own party and the rest of the country. i know there are republicans in congress who would rather see if tax loopholes closed than let these cuts go through. there's a caucus of common sense throughout. i'm going keep reaching out of them to fix this for good. american people are weary of partisanship. this is america. we don't bounce from one manufactured crisis to another. we mak
Mar 5, 2013 12:00am PST
the deficit problems. i wrote in "the new york times" this week where i argued key areas would be tax reform, a lot of which benefit upper-income people for no good reason, the lower rates we applied to investment income. i think having tax reform would get our economy going. it would be done in a way to reduce revenues and lower rates for everyone by getting rid of these loopholes. i think it would help get the economy going, which would produce more revenues. another area is infrastructure. there would be no time in history where you would have the ability to find long-term infrastructure programs. construction costs are very low because the economy is very weak. it is fiscally irresponsible not to be issuing long-term debt to repair infrastructure, and that can be paid overtime through special taxes. there is a way to generate revenue to support infrastructure improvements in a way that would not increase the deficit, so those are two areas where we can take action to help our economy get back on its feet in a way that will not exacerbates long-term fiscal problems, but this idea of the g
Mar 4, 2013 8:30am EST
insurance or pay a penalty is a legitimate exercise of congress' power to tax. during the legislative debate, i think we all remember this, the president and his allies were adamant that the mandate was anything but, absolutely not a tax. had they marketed this provision as a tax, the bill would surely not have passed. there were no votes to spare. so the supreme court saved the signature legislative achievement of the obama administration precisely because it was what the administration said it was not, and it was not what the administration said that it was. early in the, early in the litigation in the case the administration invoked the federal antiinjunction act which restrains the collection of any tax. the government then argued it was a tax. the suit to enjoy the tax, the suit would be dead on arrival. but the supreme court held that the mandate was just what congress called it, a penalty and not a tax. the choice of labels, the court said, cannot control as to whether the law is constitutional, but does control as to whether the antiinjunction statute applies. and this reminded me of
Mar 2, 2013 7:00am PST
: the impasse is over taxes. the president wants to close loopholes, but republicans say they already compromised on taxes when rates went up in january. those differences could spill over into the next budget battle. government funding runs out at the end of the month. >> i did lay out that the house is going to move a continuing resolution next week to fund the government past march 27th. >>reporter: the speaker and the president do agree on one thing, neither wants to deal with a government shutdown on top of spending cuts. at the white house, tara mergener, kpix5. >> and the san francisco mayor ed lee released a statement saying the impact to the city's services, schools and public housing will be in excess of $25 million. >>> santa clara county will be looking for a new supervisor, that is after george shirracowa stepped down admitting he gambled away public money. he surrendered at the sheriff's office yesterday and he was booked on 12 felony and misdemeanor charges. the d.a. says he used campaign and public money to pay for casino trips, l
Mar 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
's on a roll, and the republicans hate it. this is "the ed show." >> it's a very simple equation. tax increases destroy jobs. >> taxes went up and jobs went up. tonight, congresswoman jan schakowsky on the surging obama recovery despite no help from republicans. and the failure of conservative economics with david k. johnston and peter mauricy. the sequester cuts arizona's border patrol and now governor jan brewer is crying for help. the head of the border patrol union joins me tonight. >>> first republicans voted against the violence against women act. now they're trying to fool the public into thinking they supported the law. the big panel weighs in. >>> plus -- former congressman bob may of ohio is going after his fellow republican, speaker john boehner. >>> and he's the activist who dressed up like a pimp to exsuppose acorn corruption. >> when i said i'll turn tricks, i was expecting them to like, whoa! they just heard it and it was business as usual. >> now james o'keefe is paying $100,000 to a victim of his stunt. today, ex-acorn employee juan carlos vera joins me for an exclusive. >>> th
Mar 1, 2013 8:00pm PST
. >> let's make it clear, the president got his tax on hikes on january 1. this discussion about revenue, in my view, is over. it's about taking on the spending problem here in washington. gwen: so tonight, the much discussed $85 billion budget cut decried by economists and politicians alike takes effect. then what? david? >> we'll find out. finally we go over one of these lines in the sand. this was designed to be unworkable and uncomfortable to force congress and the president to do something else. the technical term for this is stupid. that's attributed to alan simpson and eskin bowles, the grand old men of deficit fighting. what happened here is the white house has been screaming this will be the end of the world. they have made it seem apocalyptic. republicans say it's not going to be that bad and the white house says oh, yes it will because it's so rigid, it has to be across the board. the republicans say we'll make it flexible, the president says, that's not going to help, so here we are. the question is what happens on monday. the government will not grind to a halt on monday. th
Mar 2, 2013 6:00am EST
. it is unconscionable what the president is doing. we cannot tax our way out of the sequester. we cannot tax our way out of debt. the president received his tax increase in january. it is time he got serious so we can reprioritize what matters most, providing strong national defense. it is unconscionable for this president to use our military families as pawns in his crusade for higher taxes. >> i mac thornberry from texas. the federal government has to get its fiscal house in order by cutting spending. they have to defend the country in a dangerous world. we do not have the luxury of doing one or the other. we have to do both. there are lots of options to do both. you have heard the house has passed a bill twice that would cut other spending and prevent the sequestration. the bill would not lay off or furlough anybody. i introduced a bill that would just delay further implementation of the health care bill by two years. if you give them more time to get their act together, you save the taxpayers. there are lots of options out there to do both of those things. we need the senate and the president to ado
FOX Business
Mar 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
? government tax collections hit another record, so what are our politicians doing? why they plan to spend it all and more. a big change coming to your cell phone, hold the phone, we are on the case next on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: we begin tonight with the latest on the story breaking in the last hour. venezuela's president hugo chavez has died. the leader has been fighting cancer for nearly two years and declared a socialist revolution in venezuela and crusade against u.s. influence in his more than 14 years in office. his death will have a huge impact around the world since venezuela is one of the top suppliers of oil to the united states. kt mcfarland joins me on the phone, phil flynn on skype, senior market analyst and with me now, david asman. i will start with you, venezuela the fifth-largest oil exporting country tonight right now we have the oil market just opening, what are the oil market is telling us? phil: they are telling us we jumped up higher. despite the fact we have a bearish report from the institute as far as the supply depth. the market is uncertain what will ha
Mar 7, 2013 1:00pm PST
transportation funding. the federal gasoline tax at 18.4 cents has not been increased since 1993 and has lost a significant amount of its value over the last 20 years, the highway trust fund can no longer support the programs that are authorized under the federal transportation bill. so, we will be working with folks at the federal and at the state level to come up with ideas for what we will up port the highway trust fund in the upcoming years and offer to carry out the project priorities under the local sales tax program including the sbit projects downtown extension and better market street. federal transportation the reauthorization and what will the success or to map 21 look like? the current zone map 21 just basically continued at appropriate levels as seen underpass federal appropriation bills. if we are going to be supporting the expansion and state of good repair programs that their local transit agency and departments need, we will be need to be seeing additional revenues, of course and we will be continuing to monitor and advocate on that behalf and also continuation of the transit
FOX Business
Mar 4, 2013 11:00am EST
. >> certain things are happening that we have not talked about yet. the payroll tax coming back in. the new poll, 55% of people say their own economic situation is worse than it was in october. connell: isolated areas of the country that will feel it worse than other areas. what john is talking about, especially with the payroll tax, a lot of people are feeling that. >> it is hitting low income consumers. there are a whole bunch of factors swirling. in the longer term, it could hurt the american economy. as their own personal economic situation deteriorates and there is mayhem in washington, which we are talking about all the time, they say, my life is getting worse because these clowns have screwed things up. did you have everything going together. connell: great to see both of you. thanks a lot. dagen: former reagan advisor, art laffer, we'll talk with us about the spending problem in this country. the latest cyber attack hit over the weekend. the biggest threat to our nation's security. the local >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life up
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 994 (some duplicates have been removed)